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A properly installed Fire Alarm System could mean the difference between life and death. Home owners, landlords and business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the need for these systems, since the Grenfell Tower tragedy. We supply and offer expert installation of state-of-the-art Fire Alarm Systems in and around Glasgow and make sure your property is adequately protected, conforming to the latest government guidelines and laws.

In Scotland, all premises are required by law to have interlinked fire alarm systems as well as adequate Carbon Monoxide alarms. Read more about the law here.

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Our Process
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1Arrange a Free Assessment
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Free, no obligation assessment of your premises

We will carry out a thorough inspection of your property and offer a free assessment of risks and any non-compliance and offer advice on what systems are best suited for your needs.

2Expert Installation
4Certificate of Compliance

How does a security alarm system benefit you?

We can supply and install model fire safety systems that keeps you compliant with the Fire Scotland Act and other regulatory conditions. These systems can log all fire alarm activity, including weekly fire alarm tests, for compliance reporting to the fire service as well as insurance agencies, when required.
When a fire is detected, our modern fire safety systems can inform you as well as the fire service in real time, whether it is at a particular site or on multiple sites.
When combined with fire sprinklers, the system can act instantly, reducing the spread of the fire before firefighters can arrive at the scene or even putting it out completely.

What does our installation include?

Fire alarm systems can range from simple installations to complex systems, depending on the building and requirements as well as individual needs. Most of the components though are similar.

Fire Alarm Panel

A fire alarm panel is an interface to the rest of the system, serving as a central point from which to monitor and system status, communicate with the connected devices and for review and reporting.

Detector Units

Detector units are the "footsoldiers" of the system, placed strategically at important locations around the building and tested regularly. They can detect smoke, heat, carbon monoxide (CO) or a combination of these. These can also be combined with CCTV camera systems that detect heat and flame.

Manual Call Points

Manual call points are located at accessible and convenient locations around a building, in order to someone to manually alert the system of a fire. Anyone who notices a fire should be able to raise the alarm.

Sirens and Bells

Alarm sounders/sirens and bells are designed to be hard to ignore once activated. Placed around the building, they can be heard above any other noise and can also be combined with pre-recorded spoken messages.


Beacons are helpful in noisy environments, such as factories or industrial premises. They provide a visual alarm to alert workers who may be wearing ear protectors.

Emergency Lighting

Designed to work in the absence of any damage to the primary electrical circuits, emergency lighting provide a crucially important safety component of the fire safety system.

Why choose Hartech Alarms to install your fire alarm system?

The main function of the fire alarm system is to detect the presence of a fire and alert the occupants of the building as well as emergency personnel from a central location. The fire alarm system essentially has four fundamental functions: detect, alert, monitor, and control. These four functions are carried out through a system that uses a network of devices, appliances, and control panels.
1Hassle Free
2Professional Installation
1Hassle Free

Our vastly experienced and friendly technicians aim to provide a completely hassle free service, being a one stop shop for all your fire safety needs. From helping you choose the right system to professional installation.

2Professional Installation

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