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CCTV systems are a quintessential part of your security strategy, whether you are monitoring your house or a large, distributed business with thousands of locations. A CCTV system not only deters intruders in the first place, it also helps identify, apprehend and prosecute burglars, vandals and any unwelcome visitors to your property as well as providing key insights to your business.

Hartech Alarms provide professional installation of CCTV systems to a variety of premises and businesses. In addition to that, we also help you in choosing the appropriate CCTV system that will suit your needs and budget. Aiming to provide a comprehensive and hassle free service, the CCTV systems we install will make sure that every important corner, angle and side of your property comes under surveillance, even making sure that the wiring used during the installation process is concealed and tamper proof. Our equipment is made by reputed manufacturers, having a wide variety of features to suit both residential and commercial properties.

Being a family business and having worked in the industry for decades, we recognise and value our customers and offer a friendly and thoroughly professional service.

Tailored Solutions For Your Security Priorities
Tailored Solutions For Your Security Priorities

Solutions That Reduce Cost & Improve Security

With several years of experience, we have undertaken CCTV installation projects of all sizes and scopes, from residential homes to complex integrations for stadiums, universities, hospitals, or corporate campuses.


Whatever property it is that needs protected, the benefits of having a professionally installed monitoring system not only adds to your peace of mind but also taps into our vast experience in the field, adding to the effectiveness of the installation.

How CCTV can help protect you

CCTV is a core part of any security system. With 24/7 monitoring, playback and High Definition (HD) Video Surveillance, it gives you a full view of every situation and location.

Our CCTVs come with
State-of-the-art camera technology
High Definition Video
Mobile apps to monitor your premises while on the go
Professional Installation
Remote arm/disarm

Why is video surveillance vital to your security strategy?

124/7 Monitoring and Alerts
3Loss Prevention
4Enhanced Operations
124/7 Monitoring and Alerts

Modern CCTV systems require far less manpower, using technologies like motion detection to monitor and secure your premises 24/7 and sending out real-time alerts when incidents happen. 

3Loss Prevention
4Enhanced Operations

What does it cost?

While it depends on the size and complexity of your requirements, as an indicative price, it costs £550 for a two camera system with mobile phone live viewing and playback. Obviously, the size of your property does affect the price of the system as well as the brand, camera resolution and the space between the cameras and DVR. For large buildings and complexes, the distance between the camera and the DVR is also greater. This necessitates extra cable. The greater the distance between the DVR and the cameras, as well as the cameras themselves, the higher the cost. If you plan ahead, you can save on the cost of cabling.

Which CCTV system is right for you?

There are a range of options available for your CCTV system and it can be quite overwhelming to understand and choose the correct, most cost effective system for you. This is where our expertise can be useful, in heling you choose the right system. When choosing a system yourself, these are the common questions you are likely to have to answer:

  • What type of cameras are to be used? Analogue, IP, HD, PTZ?
  • How many cameras do you need?
  • What additional equipment do you need to mount the cameras?
  • Wireless or Wired CCTV system?
  • What type of storage options do you want?
  • What type of monitoring options do you want?

Whichever system you choose though, the advantages of having a professional installation done are definitely worth the additional cost, as whichever CCTV system you choose is only as good as the installation.

Important things to consider when installing your cameras

  • When installing your cameras outdoors in a residential area, ensure that your cameras do not focus on your neighbour's property, especially windows or doors.
  • When installing your CCTV in the indoor area, you might want to select a place that is in the corner of the room. From here, the camera is most likely to cover significant entry and exit points.
  • When installing the outdoor area, make sure you find a spot that is less likely to get sun glares. You want to select a height that will both cover the corners, entryways, etc. but also be able to clearly focus on faces.
  • Sometimes, it is preferable to have the cameras be noticeable, in order to deter any intruders while in some premises, it is preferable to have the cameras be unnoticeable. Choose a spot accordingly.
  • It is preferable to have power sockets nearby, so you don't need lengthy cables that need to be exposed, and hence tampered with.

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